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Doctorate Degree (Ph. D. Program) from SRLU

Getting a doctorate degree is the highest level of academic achievement that anyone can attain during his educational career. Keeping in mind the significance of this degree, it is important to state here that the achieving a doctorate degree is not easy at all. It tests the potentials and competencies of the student to the maximum and at the same time help students explore opportunities through which they can develop a better and more effective framework for their research.

Another salient feature of the doctorate degree is the fact that whenever students engage in the process of research or thesis formation, it is important that they remain in constant interaction with the instructions and guidance that they are provided by their supervisor. Until and unless they are not able to adhere to the instructions provided by the supervisor, it is not possible for the student to complete their PhD degree smoothly. Keeping this thing in mind it is always a concern for students especially that are doing online PhD regarding the ways through which they can remain in touch with their supervisor. However, with the constant developments that has taken place in the realm of online education many online institutes and universities have initiated and incorporated mechanisms through which students enrolling in doctorate degree programs can easily interact with the supervisor through web cam and other technical conveniences of communication that are provided to the student by the Vishwavidyalaya administration. Hence, all this add greater convenience and easiness to the doctorate degree program that the student wants to enroll in.

SRLU while designing and forming its doctorate degree program has taken special consideration to ensure that the students enrolling with SRLU are provided with the best and state of the art communication facilities that can help them complete their PhD in an effective and hassle free manner.

SRLU has the faculty and a proper team that provide students ample room and scope through which they can enroll in various PhD programs in various disciplines and achieve their doctorate degree without any difficulty.

Honorary Doctorate Degree


The SRLU invites nominations for Honorary Doctorate Degrees to be awarded at each year in 'SRLU Convocation Program'. The nomination and approval process for Honorary Doctorates is based on public survey and expert committee's report. At the beginning of the academic year, we will list the nominee's names on SRLU website. Public voting structure will also be designed and placed on the website. Any individual person (not from his/her family, but influenced by nominee's aura) can vote for the nominee to get SRLU Honorary Doctorate Degree. After screening the voting and Research council's recommendations, SRLU will be awarding the "Honorary Doctorate". Nominations can be sent by any Individual person who has achieved something in their life which make distinguish him as extraordinary. .


An Honorary Doctorate is the highest honor awarded by Swami Kartikeyan Vedic Vishwavidyalaya, awarded to those who have made extraordinary performance in any field or to help upgrading the society are to be considered. A nominee must have sufficient knowledge and recognition to make sure that the awarding of an honorary degree enhances the reputation of SRLU.

Nomination Process

* The official nomination form, available on the SRLU website must be submitted, including the nominee's supportable documents.
* Nomination material should be a proper documentation which should assist the SRLU Official Committee in easy reviewing process, including a brief report of the nominee's extraordinary performance and how these contributions distinguish him or her from ordinary to extraordinary.

Approval Progression

The SRLU Research council through SRLU Official Committee reports about voting recommends Honorary Doctorates and forwards its approved list to the Vice-Chancellor. The Vice- Chancellor solely on his judgment, finalized the list, which will be the final decision.

  • An Honorary Doctorate might not be award for misconduct.
  • The Vishwavidyalaya degree will be cancelled at any time in case of malpractice and also compensation will be claimed from the Nominators.
  • In general not more than twenty honorary degrees will be awarded at each year.

To apply for Honorary Degree submit Online Nomination form.

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